Parent Testimonials

Both my boys attended Seven Dwarfs Preschool collectively over 4 1/2 years.

We doubted the need for preschool and decided to go ahead with our first son because the preschool was located in the school that he would start kindergarten which is a block from our home. It took very little time for us to realize that this was so much more than familiarizing him with the location he would spend much of the next 6 years of his life. Miss Tonya’s approach to shaping these little minds and hearts is unmatched. We were beyond thrilled when he would bring home practices of printing his name, letters, and numbers in addition to the most adorable art any parent can imagine.

My boys  learned about things like basic human biology, nutrition, planets, music, community, seasons, animals….and so much more! We have forever keepsakes that feel like Miss Tonya knew just what we would cherish. They also learned how to handle themselves and treat others with kindness and respect in a social setting.

If there’s one standout thing that I will never, ever forget, it’s that every preschool graduation (we had the pleasure of 5 overall!) Miss Tonya would be brought to tears as she spoke about the year with all the kids coming to an end. Each year she would mention that she cared for our children as her own and we wholeheartedly believe that. It was always a fun and bittersweet time as we came together to see our kids in this milestone.

I recommend Seven Dwarfs to anyone that asks about preschool. Not only were our kids privy to a top notch experience, we felt part of something. We suddenly weren’t just parents, we were parents of preschoolers. I can’t imagine a better little community to be a part of. My only regret is that I don’t have more babies to send to Miss Tonya!

Our family has had nothing but amazing experiences with Ms. Tonya and Seven Dwarfs

We came from a sticky situation near the end of a school year with a previous preschool and without any hesitation Ms. Tonya opened her doors to us and we never looked back. The days were filled with fun, friendship, knowledge and creativity. My daughter had the most amazing experience and I am so grateful for the time she spent with Ms. Tonya. Seven Dwarfs made a world of a difference in my daughters life. She grew so much in the year she was with them. Something we will cherish forever ❤️

We loved the daily routine schedule,

monthly activities, field trips, and the school activities that the students at Seven Dwarfs Pre-school participated in. In fact, we loved Seven Dwarfs Pre-school so much that in Conner’s last year before Kindergarten we put him in Monday to Friday to help boost him into the full time schedule for the next year.

From the first day to the last day, Mrs. Tonya and Miss Melissa were excellent. Transitioning a toddler into a school setting is no small feat and they do an excellent job. They are genuine, caring individuals who are very skilled and experienced teachers.  Their expertise help to develop toddlers into students: giving them experience with letters, numbers, drawing, fine motor skills, and social skills. Our son’s success is a direct result of the time and energy that Mrs. Tonya and Miss Melissa provided him at such a young age. Seven Dwarfs preschool was the best choice.